SO ADORABLE: Father Gives Newborn Baby Girl A Bath For The First Time Ever!

The best thing about having a newborn child enter your home are all the ‘firsts’ that you get to experience within the first year that you spend raising them. It’s important to be super aware of when they happen, because if you miss them, there’s no going back! There’s a reason why they are called ‘firsts’, and they only happen once! So put away your gadgets and phones and pay attention to your child!

Below is an adorable video of father James Perry giving his newborn baby girl a relaxing bath for the very first time in her life! While he’s coddling his child, the mother stands by and films the experience for their records! Won’t it be nice to look back on this video many years later and see how much this cute little girl has grown up?

This baby is one of the most adorable things ever. She laughs and coos as the father sweet talks her and gently washes her from head to toe. Almost makes me wish I had my own little baby that I could clean and take care of!

Normally, cute animal videos are recommended for cheering one up. But we think that little human babies will do just fine as well!

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