SO CUTE: This Dog Is Hopelessly Distracted By An Automatic Fetch Machine!

As much as I love my dog to death, I have a limited amount of throw power and energy when it comes to playing fetch. My dog could probably play that game for hours, but after an hour I’m just about ready to call it quits. Is there any way to pay somebody to play fetch with my dog for an extended period of time, or perhaps make a machine that will do it for me?

Well, fortunately, one father had that same thought but decided that he was going to invent a machine that would solve all of his life problems for him! The way his simple device works is that whenever the dog puts the tennis ball back in the machine, it automatically throws the ball! It doesn’t take long for the dachshund in the video below to figure out how the machine works, and soon he’s having an endless amount of fun with the machine!

The best part is when the baby comes in and starts putting in a ton of tennis balls – now the fun REALLY begins!

And if that’s not enough – the machine comes with safeguards that shut itself off it it ends up pinching the dog! Safety AND fun in one package – I love it!

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