SO CUTE: Watch This Baby Beaver Drink From A Bottle!

I think we need to start featuring beavers more often on Viral, as they are one of the most criminally underrated animals out there when it comes to sheer cuteness and adorability. When you see the baby beaver in the video that’s posted below, you’ll find yourself agreeing with us in mere seconds!

The beaver in the video below was rescued by the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre after seeing it abandoned in a bush with its family seemingly gone for good! At the time, it was only a mere five pounds and it was just shy of 2 months old. So, for the next six weeks, the non-profit organization took care of her injuries and nursed her before she was able to be released back into wildlife.

What the rescuers found particularly stage about this beaver is that they usually stay with their families in the lodge until the age of two months old, so it was odd to see him abandoned so early. Adding on to that, the first two years of their lives are spent playing, eating and sleeping. After that period, they’re capable enough to build a dam and lodge.

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