SO ROMANTIC: Compilation Of The Best Love Moments In Cinema History!

If you’ve ever been to the movies or watched them at home, chances are that you have seen at LEAST one romance movie in your life. Maybe you were feeling bored one day, or perhaps you were lonely (read: single) and desperate to see that love still exists in the real world, or perhaps your loved one or your family forced you to come along with them to see that ‘chick flick’ movie that they’ve been dying to see for ages!

But if you’re a huge fan of romance movies, then you’re going to LOVE the compilation that we just found! Ever since movies came into production, romance is a timeless genre that has stuck around and will continue to do so because it represents a part of the human condition that we have all felt and gone through many times in our lives. Whether it’s the good side or the ugly side of romance, all of it draws us in until the very end because there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing a romance that works at the ending credits of a film.

Everything is included below, from old-time classics like Gone With The Wild to The Notebook, featuring classic kiss scenes and declarations of love that everybody knows all too well!

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