SO SAD: Son Salutes Dead Military Father One Last Time!

It is a very tragic thing as a family member to have lost your loved one to performing their duty for their country, whether they were a local hero as a police officer or fighting for our freedom overseas so that we can enjoy a peaceful life. Everything is hard to deal with, from the moment you get the tragic news to the very moment when you’re at their funeral, knowing that it will be the last time you will ever get to see them.

That’s how a 4-year-old son felt about his father and Detective Joseph Lemm, who had an impressive 15 years as a police officer for the NYPD and was also a member of the National Guard. He was killed during a mission in Afghanistan.

Below is video footage of the funeral, where Joseph’s coffin was being carried through the proceedings. With a tear in his eye, he stood up in silence and saluted his father one last time before he leaves to a better place.

This was truly tragic to see, yet empowering at the same time. This 4 year old will go through life knowing that he had a father who did the right thing and stood up for his country!

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