Thanks To The Power Of Social Media, This Mom Found The Criminal Who Kidnapped Her Baby!

It can be extremely tough to deal with the scenario of somebody having stolen your precious child away from you, not knowing if your son or daughter is still alive and in one piece, or where they are being taken. Thanks to the power of social media and the good old generosity of strangers who want to help somebody in trouble, it’s much easier nowadays to track where missing children have gone, and/or identify the culprit responsible for child theft.

Melissa McMahon and Simon Boisclais were the proud new parents of their new baby daughter Victoria. However, all of that changed when a criminal disguised as a nurse lied about a ‘routine test’ that the baby needed, and used that scapegoat to escape with the baby in her hands. It was only a short few minutes afterwards the the hospitals called all the emergency services in the cities to go looking for the child.

Thinking fast on her feet, Melissa posted photos of the suspect and her baby on Facebook, and soon they went viral on the social network AND on the local news! The real key was when one of their friends tipped them off: It turns out that the kidnapper was a former neighbour, and they knew where she lived.

Once the police were handed the details, they tracked down the criminal, arrested her, and delivered Victoria safely into Melissa’s arms! She is incredibly grateful to the help of the police, her friends, and everybody on social media for doing their part in saving her child’s life!

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