These 5 Things Affect Your Dreams!

Going To Bed Hungry!

“Hunger pains” can affect more than the quality of sleep – it can also affect HOW you sleep due to the low blood sugar that puts your brain into ‘overdrive’ and keeps you up. In fact, it’s not surprising that you end up DREAMING about food!

Sounds That Interrupt Your Sleep 

Not only might they end up waking you from your slumber, they can also ‘sneak’ into our dreams because we’ll end up interpreting them as well!

Aromas In The Air

Just like the sounds that can creep in, so to can distinguished smells that come into our senses while we are deep in sleep. As you can imagine, things that smell nice would contribute to more positive dreams!

Fears That You Won’t Admit

The more we tend to suppress our deep-rooted fears, the more of a negative effect they will have in our dreams. In other withers, they become rooted in your subconscious mind and that’s how nightmares arise!

The Way You Sleep

You’ll have a hard time believing this, but it turns out that sleeping on your stomach is linked to erotic dreams! We’re not sure what the other positions mean in terms of what you dream will be like, but it’s fascinating to hear that something so seemingly suttle can affect your dreams!

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