These Adorable Puppy And Bird Play Together Like Best Friends!

We’ve always been a big fan here at Viral of animals that are best friends with one another in spite of ‘obvious’ differences. It really goes to show that friendship is something based in nature, and not just a silly human construct we’ve developed in order to survive in this harsh world.

In the cute and adorable video below, you’re going to see a puppy and a bird play with one another in the grass so cheerfully! They wrestle with one another, each taking turns at dominating each other. After a while of rough play, the two animals get tired and decide that it’s time for their daily nap. Of course, as they’re best friends, they nap together and fall asleep within just a few moments!

It’s something that you can only believe when you see it for yourself – normally these two animals would be fighting against each other, pecking and scratching away until one of them gave in and eventually runs away.

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