These Exercises Will Prevent Bunions – If You Wear Heels, READ THIS!

For all my heel-wearing ladies, this article is dedicated to you! We all love wearing heels and can go on for days describing all the benefits that they give us. The added height so that we don’t feel as intimidated by our giant-sized boyfriends, the added grace and confidence they give us when we walk into a room, and the fact that they make us look so friggin’ good that we couldn’t live without them!

Unfortunately, we also know the risks behind wearing heels and how they can damage our feet. If we’re not careful, we get what are called ‘bunions’. In a nutshell, what happens when we wear hells is that our big toe is crushed to the point where it’s pushing against the other toes. Over time, if we wear heels often enough and long enough, the base of our big toe gets shifted to the side and starts to pop out on the side of our feet. The longer you go without treating your bunion, the worse it can get. It can come to the point where you need serious surgery that is not only painful but can deform your foot for good. The small graphic below shows how bunions gradually develop over time.

That being said there are certain things you can do to prevent bunions, in the form of exercises that you do for your feet on a daily basis. It’s only been a week for me, but doing this routine has made my feet feel so much better when I wear heels and so far I haven’t had a bunion secretly start developing behind my back. You can view the entire exercise regimen here for your own viewing – I recommend printing it off and keeping it with you so that you can do them as often as necessary

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