These Little Girls Come Up With A Clever Way To Ask Their Parents For A New Pet Bunny!

Kids are just the darnedest things ever, with the way they try to awkwardly assert themselves as adult figures to their parents and other grown-ups. But because they don’t have the same intuition and wisdom that we do, they end up making us laugh until we drop instead of taking them seriously. With some of the things that they say, how can you NOT find it hilarious?

Take these five daughters, for example. They wanted a new pet rabbit, but they knew that just asking for it wasn’t going to fly. So with that, their oldest daughter wrote down a ‘professional’ letter in which they ask for “the privilege of trying another pet. A bunny.”

The entirety of the letter is posted below, but you have to admire them for their creativity and well-thought out intentions. Everything from the specifics of buying the bunny, to the terms and conditions agreed upon, the chores that they would have to do, and their signatures at the very end….I’m still surprised that little girls were able to come up with this! I don’t think I would be half as professional as they were if I were to beg my parents for a new pet in the house!

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