These Monkeys Come Up With A Genius Way To Get Food!

In spite of the fact that monkeys and humans are eons apart in terms of developed intelligence, that doesn’t mean that they still can’t be incredibly clever! We’ve seen from time to time, monkeys that have adapted incredibly well to their environments and have created complex social structures within their small communities. So who knows what other secret talents they have hiding behind their sleeves!

In the video below, as part of the BBC documentary World’s Sneakiest Animals, British naturalist Chris Packham examines a group of monkeys who have formed a secret alliance with one another to steal valuables from human beings, and then barter with them in exchange for food! Phones, hats, shoes, sunglasses – these monkeys are incredibly quickly in their execution, and even more cunning in their planning!

In fact, you’ll see Chris try to barter with one of the monkeys after he sets himself up to have something of his stolen! It’s amazing to see the amount of cognitive development within these monkeys, because otherwise they would not have the reputation that they do now! Being super sneaky necessarily requires some creative thought, and these monkeys have it by the truckload!

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