They Caught A Shark…Little Did They Know It Was Bait For Something BIGGER!

You might think that sharks are the biggest, baddest sea animals on the entire face of the planet Earth. Sure, there are bigger animals, but nothing strikes fear in our heart and scares us senseless more than the vicious shark. In fact, you could argue that it’s like the “king of the sea”, in the same way that a lion holds that title in the jungle.

However, the video below is going to teach you that there is ALWAYS somebody bigger and badder than you, ready to take your place and set you straight.

A group of fisherman from Bonita Springs, FL were out deep sea fishing and managed to get lucky with a four-foot shark on the end of their hooks. These are experienced guys, so they know what they’re doing when they get the shark on bait, and slowly reel him in without letting him go by mistake.

However, that’s only the start of it! As they’re trying to get the shark on board, a GIANT monster suddenly appears and swallows the entire shark whole! The fishermen were left in absolute shock, and considered themselves lucky to be high up on a big rig!

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