This Abandoned No-Legged Dog Is Finally Rescued, And Provided With A Loving Home!

It’s one thing to disregard and abandon your pets when they are perfectly healthy and normal (although I would not condone such a deplorable act for a second), but to do the same thing when you KNOW that your pets have a physical disability that puts them at a great disadvantage for survival?! Absolutely unacceptable.

That was the case with a poor Chihuahua dog who was born with NO FRONT LEGS, and yet was abandoned on the street to die. A man named Jene was lucky enough to find him in a box on the streets, and was surprised that nobody had done anything earlier to help the poor little pup.

He immediately took the pup to the San Francisco SPCA, where the dog was taken under proper care and provided with a new life under good conditions. The dog was named “Daffodil”, and provided with a new set of wheels that would help her walk around in spite of her physical deformity!

We’re so happy that this story has a happy ending – we can only imagine what would happen if nobody did anything to save Daffodil and was left to die a sad death on the streets!

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