This Amazing Device Can REMOVE Trash From The Oceans!

Ocean pollution is a huge thing that’s happening in the world today, and it seems as if nobody is coming up with a solution that will actually fix the problem in the long-term. Sure, we can all pitch in and do our best to recycle properly and not dump our crap into the oceans, but that can only go so far in terms of preventing future damage. How are we going to deal with the damage of the past AND the now?

Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinksi have realized this, and are now trying to tackle this goal. They haven’t 100% solved it yet, but have built a device called the Seabin which aims to get a headstart.

If you look at the above GIF and the video below, you see that it does exactly what its name says it does. It’s placed in areas where the current is still, and the device’s pump sucks in pollutants and debris inside of it. The water goes back in the ocean, and the trash is kept inside. Of course, the water going out passes by a filter to take out all the bad stuff.

We’re hoping to see thousands if not a million of these guys placed around the world – looking forward to seeing their development!

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