This Cop Rescues A Helpless Baby From A Tragic Shoplifting Incident!

This story was one of potential tragedy that would have ended badly had the cops not been there to help a poor baby who was completely helpless. Say what you will about bad cops, but incidents like this one are there to remind us that for the most part, cops are an invaluable force in society that help keep things in balance!

Sergeant Philip Bass of the St. Alban’s Police Department was with other officers investigating a shoplifting incident in the hours of 4 AM in the morning. To their shock, they found a lady sitting with a crying baby in the store’s bathroom. Apparently, she had nothing else to feed the 14-month old baby, and broke into the store to give him a baby bottle of Dr. Pepper.

It turns out that the female was a family friend taking care of somebody else’s baby, and was promptly arrested. The father had no idea that this was happening, and became livid when he had heard what happened!

But while the cops were waiting for the father to return, they took care of the baby by purchasing the essential needs (diapers, food) and waited several hours until child protective services arrived to return the baby to its father.

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