This Dog Opens Up A Man-Shaped Present, Not Knowing What To Expect!

Noel is the proud owner of a loyal dog, who he has loved and taken care of for many years. For the upcoming Christmas, he decided to surprise him and do something a little different! He comes up with the genius ideas of wrapping himself up entirely in wrapping paper, and then letting his dog unwrap him as a Christmas present. His friend records the entire thing, and the dog is excited to open up all of his presents.

But for some reason, he’s unable to get his eyes off that big present that he has yet to unwrap. What could POSSIBLY be inside?

With that last present sharp in his sights, he starts unwrapping it and become excited. He knows that scent from somewhere, but where could it be coming from? That’s when he realizes that his owner is inside and he ends up jumping out and down for joy to see his owner! Sure, he’s been gone for a couple of minutes, but he’s still just as happy to see him again!

The video is slowly getting a lot of views on YouTube, and it’s not hard to see why!

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