This Florida Zoo Is Successfully Run By Prison Inmates!

It’s only in recent times that prison inmates are given initiatives that will allow them to make a more positive contribution to society and turn their lives around for the better, so that they can rid themselves of their personal problems and be more successful in re-integrating with society once they have finished serving their sentences.

In the Animal Farm located in Key West, Florida, it is operated by the inmates residing in the Monroe County Detention Facility. Many of the inmates had never had the experience of being to zoo or farm in their lives to see animals for themselves, so for them it is a totally new experienced.

The farm has expanded rapidly in size, owning more than 100 animals who have been donated or confiscated from abusive owners who may or may not have abandoned them.

Animal Farm Supervisor Jeanne Selander had this to say about the impact this new program has had on the inmates:

“I’ve seen a lot of very positive changes. I’ve seen people that come down here and are completely scared of animals, and by the end of their time here, many of them bring their families back to actually show them what they were doing when they were incarcerated.”

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