This Generous Man Gives Over Half A Million Sandwiches To The Homeless!

It’s a hard life for the homeless people out there. Not only are you reduced to begging on the streets for a little amount of cash that will buy you at best a minimal amount of food, but there’s also the damaging emotional and mental effects of dealing with poverty. There have been studies showing that poverty can have a direct effect on your IQ and your cognitive ability to think rationally and problem solve, so it’s no wonder that they have a harder time than the average person trying to find a job.

We may not be able to solve the problem tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take little steps here and there to at least mitigate the problem. Take Allen Law – a retired school teacher in Minneapolis who has started to develop a name for himself due to his kindness towards homeless people and the time he spends volunteering to help them out.

In 2014, a viral video was released that showed the ‘operations’ behind his generosity, and you’ll be shocked to see what you find. See, Allen was well known for bringing sandwiches to the homeless, and now everybody knows how he does it. You will see his ENTIRE place covered in bread just so that he can make all of the sandwiches that he is delivering to people in his own truck out of his own good will!

Allen has admitted that he has sacrificed his health and sleep in order to do his generous deed, but that it is more than worth when he sees the difference that he is making for these people.

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