This Girl Makes AMAZING Progress On The Violin Within 2 Years

A lot of people don’t really tend to take up instruments unless they’re reviving a dream that they did not fulfill as a child, or coming back into it after some time off due to life getting in the way. A majority of the time, the people who you see playing consistently for years were the ones who have practiced since they were kids or teenagers. Adding on to that, when you see all the studies and talk about the brains of babies and kids being the most plastic and receptive to learning new things, it’s easy to say “Why bother? I’ll never be good.”

However, just when we think we get away with those beliefs and self-identifying statements, out comes somebody who blasts reality in our face and makes us realize we’ve been making excuses all along.

The young woman in the video below, at 22 years of age, decides to take up the violin. She initially had an instructor, but was dis-satisfied with the progress she made under his wing. So – she makes a journey of self-taught practice that she records on video every single week to measure her progress.

Obviously, you can tell that she starts out rough, but get ready to be blown away by how much better she gets with each passing week on a variety of genres! You can really tell that time and effort can make almost anything possible!

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