This Homeless Man Trespasses On Private Property…Watch What Happens Next!

James was a homeless man who had nowhere else to go, except for a private property in which to take shelter during a day of heavy rainfall and bad weather. He was able to use the blanket he took with him to sleep for the night, and left the next day with his stuff there to find food for the day. When he came back, he saw that all of his things had been thrown away!

Chris Crever, the property investor who owned the area that James was sleeping in, said that he was going to have to find somewhere else to stay. To his shock, James put up zero resistance and thanked him for his time. Appalled by his kind behaviour, Chris told James to meet him on the property within a few days at 8:30am sharp.

James showed up almost an hour early, and was shocked to find that Chris had decided to offer him not only a room in the house to stay in, but a temporary job! Although James knows that he will eventually have to move out, he was surprised to see that he has received community support from people in Chris’ community for a permanent home, and a stable job.

He is extremely grateful for this Christmas miracle, and you can see it in his face in the interview below!

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