This Hyperactive Cat Wants To Play With His Docile Canine Friend!

In today’s video, you’re going to see one of the rare yet rewarding friendships that can exist between a dog and a cat permitting that both like each other enough not to rip one another’s fur out and steal each other’s food and things. When that happens, you get one of the most adorable bonds between two animals that you will ever see!

In the video below, the concept is pretty straightforward. The cat seems to be especially on edge and can’t stop moving around. To remedy some of this hyperactivity, he wants attention and playtime from his canine friend, who is laying down and trying to enjoy himself!

The dog knows that the cat means well, and so he doesn’t get frustrated. And he doesn’t have a problem with the cat poking at him and pulling at his tail as he’s gotten pretty used to it at this point!

I have to admit that this dog does a better job of handling this cat than most humans would. After a few seconds, I would probably pull my hair out and start yelling at the cat to turn it down a few notches!

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