This Kitchen Worker Gets A SHOCKING Christmas Surprise From Two Companies!

The HOPE Program is a charity organization originating from New York City that aims to help the city’s unemployed citizens receive training that will eventually lead to a full-time job in which they can pay their bills and support themselves with a decent lifestyle. Many of these citizens suffer from a lack of education, drug addictions, or various other life challenges.

One of its biggest donors is Thursday Boot Company, a start-up company for mens’ fashion that has recently released a new product that is built to last for people who are starting off in the workforce and need a reliable pair of boots.

These two companies have decided to team up together and gift a special pair of boots for T-Boye Doe, a graduate of the HOPE program who has worked as a delivery assistant for a local kitchen for the past two years. After learning of all the hard work he has done and the incredible progress he has made over the last two years, they were proud to present him with his gift and he was SHOCKED! He never asked or begged for anything during his time, and was very humbled to think that the two companies thought enough of him to give him a gift for the holiday season!

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