This Little Girl Calls 911 During The Holiday Season, But It’s NOT What You Would Expect!

This year, Santa Claus is being very stringent on who all the nice children have been, and who the naughty ones have been. By now, seeing as it’s in the afternoon, you probably already know which one you ended up as. And as much as Santa works hard with his team to make sure he’s done everything right, it’s easy to say that he can’t be there 100% for everybody.

That’s how a little girl named Isabella felt near Christmas day, and was playing with her elf toy while Mom and Dad were still sleeping. Unfortunately, she knocked the elf off of the shelf and it broke! Now, she didn’t want to let her parents know about what happened, and she didn’t want Santa to know that she had mishandled one of his trusted employees, so she saw no other option…but to dial 911 and call the police!

Now normally, we would have scolded her for not calling the police for a real emergency. But to our shock, and yours once you watch the video, the dispatchers on the other line play along and act as if she had reached one of Santa’s employees! Their willingness to keep the Christmas spirit alive was incredibly cute, and it’s worth your time to hear the dialogue!

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