This Man Dresses Up As A Christmas To Cheer People Up!

In spite of the fact that the holidays are promoted to be one of the happiest times of the year by the media and big names alike, the fact of the matter is that it’s very hard to see that same kind of positivity in the day-to-day streets and locations. Too often you’ll see people grinding away, unhappy and miserable with their lives. That’s why it’s up to a special few in the world to bring the cheer when no one else will.

One of such people is Joseph Tame, who noticed that the streets of Tokyo were looking particularly dreary. He didn’t have the connections to get carollers to sing along with him, but he did have a Christmas tree costume that he’s been dying to put on!

Armed with light-up sneakers and all the fixings on the tree, he runs around the city area and greets everybody he meets. The onlookers couldn’t do much except smile back and bring happiness to their day! Many people took photos with him, and Joseph was able to leave everybody better than he had found them. If only America had somebody like this man, then we would all be a little happier this holiday season!

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