This Man Uses Home Materials To Build Life-Sized Beach Creatures!

I thought that I’ve seen almost everything that was possible when it came to art. I’ve seen some ridiculously complex structures that take days to build and are extremely intricate in detail and form, while others were stupidly simplistic yet considered as art. Yeah, I admit that I only ‘get’ certain forms of art and not the other, but I also think that’s what gives it its value – the ability to have your own subjective view about what it really is!

Theo Jansen has taken this to the next level, and wants to build ‘living’ creatives that can survive independently of human assistance. How the hell does he want to do that? Well, using nothing more than PVC pipe, he creates these amazing structures that appear to ‘evolve’ when he gives then things like wings, propellers, and other contraptions that help them store energy from the wind and use it to propel themselves.

Personally, it’s very difficult to see how all of this is possible at first, and even when I was more convinced upon watching the video below, I don’t know what could happen. He’s either cuckoo bananas, or a genius beyond what any of us can envision.

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