This Pilot Does An Unbelievable Favour For A Grieving Family In A Plane

Captain Adam Cohen is a Delta Air Lines pilot who was flying on the route to Memphis, leaving from Minneapolis. As he was getting ready to leave the runway, his eye caught the attention of the Short family. For some weird reason, they were crying and waving their arms to grab his attention and wasn’t sure what to do. Upon inquiring what happened with his colleagues via radio, he immediately did something incredibly unexpected for this family.

What had happened was that the Shorts’ flight to Minneapolis was late, and so they missed their direct flight to Memphis. They would have normally waited for another plane, except that they were on their way to their father’s funeral!

Thinking quickly on his feet, the captain decided to turn the plane all the way around just so that he could let the Short family onboard the plane!

It was thanks to Cohen’s split second decision that the family was able to see their father’s funeral in time, else they would have missed it. The pilot could have easily ignored the request and flew away, but instead delayed the flight to help one family out. How incredibly kind!

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