This Poor Cat Gets Frightened By Bread Popping Out Of A Toaster!

I know for myself that whenever I am waiting for toast to come out of a toaster, it ALWAYS pops up the very second I look away or lose my attention span for a few seconds. Much like the adage of “a watched pot never boils”, so too does toast that is burning in the toaster. However, on the occasion when you least expect it, that sudden noise will make you  jump out of your chair and start panicking for a few seconds!

Now, if that’s how a human being reacts, then you can only imagine how a cat might react if they find themselves near a popping toaster! In the video below, you’re going to see an adorable feline walking around the kitchen in the morning time, not expecting anything to happen. Out of nowhere, the toaster is done and the toast pops up! Of course, this scares the poor cat so much that he jumps high in fear and starts running away as fast as he can!

Hopefully the cat will be better prepared against his new foe in the near future – one more second and that evil toaster could have killed him!

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