This Special Type Of Frog Can Freeze Almost Solid, And Then Thaw Out And Resume Moving Around!

I’ve seen a lot of animals do some really strange things that I would never think to be possible for any type of organism on this planet! Whether it’s a human with the special ability to regulate his body temperature to extreme levels, or the ability of amphibians to secretly poison anybody who tries to eat them, it’s phenomenal what nature and evolution has served us on a large platter of life!

In today’s article, I want to tell you guys about this weird type of frog that sounds too good to be true, but upon further research exists and does what people claim it does!

Meet the Alaskan Wood Frog, a frog that manages to defy conventional wisdom and keeps itself alive during the winter season by freezing itself! Well, not completely. What happens to it is that during the cold winter season, the majority of its total body water will freeze completely. As a matter of fact, they are completely immobile while in this frozen state. They will not move if you pick them up, and their limbs would break if you tried bending them!

However, when the winter season is over and the temperature becomes warmer, the frog will literally thaw out and come back to life. The video below will show you this entire process, and it’s very fascinating to watch!

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