This Waitress Was Very Emotional After Seeing What This Customer Did For Her!

Being a waiter/waitress can be a very stressful job, even for the seasoned veterans. Unless you work in a very high establishment, you will find yourself working long and hard exhausting hours, scraping by on the tips that your customers hopefully leave behind if they liked you enough, all while dealing with customers on the good end AND the bad end. And if you don’t believe me, there’s a plethora of horror stories to go around in that department!

Heather Schelsteder was working a night shift on New Year’s Eve, when suddenly she was ‘trapped’ in a conversation with a customer. After a while, she was told that the customer was a criminal psychologist who seemed to be nervous about her increasing workload. With her brother losing his life in combat, and her having to speak with army members about PTSD, it was too much for her to handle.

Heather tried to relate to the customer and empathize with her, talking about the loss of her own grandmother just recently. After the conversation finished, they parted ways.

However, Heather did NOT expect the generous tip and heartwarming message that this customer would leave behind, all because she was willing to listen to her story for a couple of seconds. Watch the video to see what she got!

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