This Woman’s Angry Rant On Facebook Has Ruined Her Reputation!

This is going to be a shorter article, because the dialogues involved from all the involved parties are very lengthy, and we don’t want our long diatribes getting in the way of what we consider to be a fairly juicy story.

Flash back a couple of days to New Year’s Eve, where Holly Jones was enjoying her time at the densely-packed Kilroy’s. All of a sudden, Tohnna Wyler’s mother started having a heart attack! Luckily, all the employees acted immediately to clear the area and monitor her while emergency services arrived to take her to the nearest hospital.

Of course, Holly saw all of this as a commotion that detracted from the good time she was planning to have at the event. So, she takes it to heart by writing a rage-fueler rant on Kilroy’s Facebook page:


Of course, the manager of this restaurant saw this and wanted to set Holly straight. So, he comes up with this beautiful response that has now gone viral:



OUCH! Talk about a burn! Luckily, this viral nonsense wasn’t all bad as people are now donating lots of money to help fund the hospital bills that the poor grandmother will have to pay following her treatment!

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