This Woman’s Confidence SKYROCKETS After Receiving A Surgical Smile Makeover!

It can be hard to feel confident about yourself, or put out a genuine smile when you feel insecure about some aspect of your looks. Perhaps you have that giant zit on your forehead that you just KNOW everyone is going to eyeball, or there’s something about your face that bothers you and won’t escape from your mind no matter how hard you try. Often times we think that if we took care of that one problem, our problems would be over and we could be our naturally confident selves!

In the case of Jessica, featured in the video below, she’s always felt unconfident about herself due to her awkward smile. She was born with a rare condition that causes underdevelopment of the adult teeth, and results in not only a very odd look, but a very special diet that involves only son foods and liquids.

She appears on The Doctors show to confess about all the problems that her smile has caused her, and wishes that all of her problems could go away: “I absolutely feel like I am a burden to my family. I just feel like it’s emotionally draining for everybody. It’s terrible. What I want more than anything is to truly and genuinely be able to smile for the first time”

Well, today she’s in luck! The generous hosts have offered to do the $80,000 surgery for free, and her emotional reaction to her new gorgeous smile will have you crying along with her!

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