This Women Accidentally Planned Her OWN Marriage Proposal!

This is going to be a bizarre wedding proposal story, the likes of which you have never seen before! Women in relationships are always going to wonder when that magical moment of “Will you marry me” will happen to them, and hopefully it’s every bit as good as the Hollywood movies! Much like everyone has their own sexual fantasies, women also have their own ‘proposal fantasies’ about how they would want everything to go down.

What makes this story so bizarre is that Hayley, the woman involved, didn’t even KNOW that she was planning it! She was planning a surprise birthday part for her boyfriend Tyson without even knowing that he was going to use that event as the perfect time to propose to her. With everyone’s family and friends there, it was the best setup you could ask for!

For Tyson’s proposal, he used a song he recently heard on the radio and learned how to play the entire tune on guitar for the big night! He’s not the best player in the world and he gets emotional while he sings, but all of that adds to the beauty of the moment!

The best part is the reaction on Hayley’s face when she realizes that HE was the one with the surprise this entire time! Definitely going up there as one of the more memorable marriage proposals of the year!

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