Using A Photo Booth, A Man Finally Proposes To His Girlfriend!

I’ve never been in a photo booth too often, but whenever you go there you can guarantee that shenanigans result unless it’s your girlfriend nagging you to go inside so that she can hang the photos somewhere! If you were in high school, those photos probably went up in her locker for everyone to see (and for her to admire). If you guys are a little more grown up, it’s probably somewhere in her purse!

In the video below, a man finally gets the courage to propose to his girlfriend that he’s known since the sweet days of high school. But he didn’t want to do it the way everyone has, and decided that something unique needed to be done.

Finally coming up with a solution, he takes his girlfriend to a photo booth. What she doesn’t know is that he has prepped the room, including the mystery object that’s lying on the ground. While she’s picking it up and seeing the surprise inside, the booth is taking photo strips and recording the entire moment!

The best part of this video, just like any other proposal, is the moment when the woman goes into shock and happily exclaims “Yes, I WILL marry you”!

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