Watch A Rescue Puppy And Kitty Become The Best Of Friends!

It’s a beautiful thing to see a dog and a cat become the best of friends, no matter the circumstance. Maybe they were living with each other since they were babies and have grown to love and admire each other, or maybe a special circumstance brought them together. But, in the case below, maybe being rescued from a common situation of abuse and neglect only strengthened the bond that exists between the two!

The video below features Ruggles, a Shih-Tzu rescue puppy who was rescued from horrible living conditions in a puppy mill! It’s a good thing that the authorities were called to set free Ruggles and many other animals, otherwise they would have been stuck there!

Aside from the loving humans who have taken care of them, he’s also had the privilege of making a nearby kitty a new best friend, all the while boosting his confidence and happiness that never existed in his former life.

We’re not sure if Ruggles will be free from the shelter and taken up by a loving forever home, but it seems pretty clear that he won’t go anywhere unless his furry pal is right by his side!

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