Watch The Cute Friendship That Takes Place Between A Deer And A Dog!

We’ve seen a number of animal relationships develop between two completely different species, almost enough to prove to us that friendship is something that is innate in animals (at least within mammals), and not some human construct that only we will ever know about. That’s good to hear, because it means that we can all get along and not rip each other’s throats out!

In the video below, we’re sharing with you yet another unique friendship between animals that we have never seen before: A deer and a dog!

The deer seems to have mistaken herself for a dog as well, because she ends up running and walking alongside the Golden Retriever! In fact, it almost seems like the deer is much more excited to play around than the dog is, who seems to be doing something else!

In spite of the differences between the two, they seem to get along in each other’s presence and are used to the quirks that they both possess! Hopefully the Golden Retriever changes his mind sometime soon!

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