Watch This Adorable Puppy Wait For Santa Claus’ Arrival!

It’s that time of the year, where all the good little boys and girls write their letters to Santa, act on their best behaviour, and leave out fresh milk and cookies for when he arrives on that magical day of the year with our presents. If we were good, maybe we’ll get those gifts that we were wishing for! But it’s not just kids around the world hoping for Santa to come to their house – dogs are also eager to see him as well!

During Christmas eve, a Jack Russell Terrir mix is waiting outside of his dog house, frantically pacing around for Santa to come. He knows that he was on his best behaviour – at least better than normal – and is getting anxious over not seeing him!

And if that’s not enough, he even went as far as to set up his OWN milk and cookies just for the jolly man in red himself. However, unlike us, dogs have a much shorter attention span and tolerance for patience. He gives in and eats his own cookies before he calls it quits and falls right asleep.

But what he doesn’t see, because of his slumber, is the gift that Santa leaves for him while he’s sleeping! And of course, Santa will take one of the cookies left out for him!

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