Watch This Pup Do Tricks For His Tasty Treats!

It’s not easy trying to get your dog to learn a new trick, EVEN with the rewards of the all too famous doggy treat. You can’t use them too much because you don’t want to reward mistakes, but at the same time you cannot use them too little because dogs, like humans, thrive the most when they can see that they get most rewarded for making forward progress.

With that said, however, certain breeds are easier to train than others due to genetic makeup, and a greater tendency towards obedience. One of such breeds are Shepherds, because they also come with the unique ability to resist temptation and gratification if they are trained to do so!

The dog in the video below shows us how obedient and monk-like he is as his owner stacks treats on top of his head, his nose, and even some in his mouth. In spite of how GOOD the treats are, the dog stays still and doesn’t move a single bit.

I couldn’t do this, because I would probably give in after treat #1. It’s a shame to see that a dog has greater self-control than I do, which is why it probably should be my New Year’s Resolution!

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