WEIRD: Your Urine Colour Dictates How Healthy You Are!

This one is yet another post about how something so seemingly arbitrary as your urine can dictate a lot about your health. The next time you pee, take this guide with you to make sure that everything is A-OK!

Amber/Honey Coloured: Dehydration – drink some more water. At the same talking, you should urinate more as urine tends to accumulate toxins stored in your body if it stays too long in the body.
Clear/Transparent: Believe it or not, you are actually OVER-hydrated as your kidney can’t work at a speed that will process all the urine properly, leading to over-storage of water and an imbalance in sodium content.

Brown/Syrup Coloured: SEVERE dehydration, and/or other issues related to your diet. Can also be the result of certain medications. See a doctor if this persists!

Foaming: Happens when you urinate faster than usual, but see a doctor if it persists as it means kidney problems or a high protein diet.

Pink/Red: Variety of issues ranging from diet to medications to serious conditions. Definitely see a doctor about this as soon as you can.

Orange: Same idea as pink/red, with dehydration as another possible factor.

Blue/Green: Results from dyes and food colour, but persistent occurrence of this colour warrants an immediate doctor’s visit!

Cloudy: Either your diet has undergone a drastic change or you have some kind of an infection, although this is common during pregnancies. See a doctor!