WOW: Dogs Are Being Used By Airlines To Help Passengers With Anxiety!

For many years, pets were seen as a burden and a nuisance to everybody boarding a plane, from the people who may have to deal with one nearby them to the workers who have to handle and deal with them as separate cargo during the flight’s preparation. But all of that is changing in very recent times, as now they are starting to gain value in keeping passengers calm during a flight.

Over the past couple of years, dogs have been trained as therapeutic animals for those with anxiety, including but not limited to people with flight phobia, PTSD, and any conditions within that spectrum.

Airlines have grabbed hold of this wisdom, and have realized how useful they would be. Therapy dogs are an important addition for making all the passengers calmer and more relaxed, especially the ones with severe fears of flying!

It seems odd that over the years, pets have proven to be one of the most effective ways for beating several mental health issues and phobias! Maybe age-old wisdom is finally re-appearing to us again through modern science and discovery? Only time will tell! The video below tells the entire story for this new phenomenon.

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