WOW: Mechanic Does Amazing Favour For Single Father In Need!

It’s very hard for single fathers out there who are just barely making ends meet to support themselves and their children. There’s not a lot of support out there for them, and it ends up being a dog-eat-dog world where they either thrive in spite of their conditions, or give up and continue barely making ends meet. Today’s story might give you a little bit of hope, as it involves one of those single fathers!

Cory Grimes of Easter Plains, Colorado is struggling to pay the bills for his autistic son as a part-time dishwasher add a local restaurant. Things were going somewhat OK until he realized that his van broke down and was going to need it fixed. Unfortunately, the total cost of parts and labour turned out to be $1,500, money that he definitely didn’t have on him. He would have to save up his earnings for another 5 months before he was finally able to afford it, and walked into the C&T Auto.

But he didn’t expect the mechanic to do an incredibly huge favour for him, and waive the entree cost of the repair! The mechanic, Chris, had this to say about his good deed: “He’s trying to make ends meet out of nothing. And I just thought, you know what, after you tell me that, there’s no use in charging somebody that that doesn’t have the money”

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