WOW: Prankster Wears A Mistletoe Backpack In Public, And Then THIS Happens!

It’s that time of the year, of holiday cheer, and mistletoe pranks everywhere! I never bothered to look up how the mistletoe thing originated in the past, all I have known since a kid is that two people are supposed to kiss each other if they are caught standing underneath it. Even then, I’ve seen people do it a lot less, and so I’ve taken it as a tradition that is slowly dying out because people are caring less and less about it.

Thanks what YouTube prankster Blake Grigsby thought too, which is why he pulled a prank where he wore a backpack that had a mistletoe hanging from it and in front of his head in downtown Chicago. He walks around, unfazed and not expected anything to happen. That’s until one stranger steps up to him and does the unexpected!

That’s right, folks! It looks like the mistletoe tradition is not as dead in the water as we once thought it was! The best part was that there were several other girls who took the mistletoe cue for the same reason as the first girl, and….well, we’ll just say that Blake was a very lucky man that holiday season!

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