WOW: These Monkeys Are Specially Trained To Help People With Physical Disabilities!

We haven’t featured monkeys too often on this page because it’s hard to catch them in cute and adorable moments that then go viral on social media! The only way to see them is to spend a lot of time in the zoo, or work with them in some kind of facility on a daily basis. You can’t really take them home and make them your pet like you can with other animals, which is why you don’t see them too often in cute animal videos!

Well, today that’s all about to change. Helping Hands is an organization that is famous for providing disabled individuals with capuchin monkeys that are trained to help them out during times of need. Tasks range from opening objects, turning lights on and off, fetching objects – you name it!

In the video below, you’ll see Minnie the monkey helping disabled man Craig with his everyday tasks. Craig says that she is extremely helpful not only for basic tasks around the house, but she also grooms him and provides him with emotional support whenever he is feeling down! And people say that monkeys can’t be trained to be useful – those silly humans!

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