WOW: This Mom And Dad Had To Save Their Kids’ Lives TWICE!

This is going to be an odd story about how two parents had to ‘take turns’ saving their kids’ lives when they were very young, first the mother and then the father. Read on to see how this ends!

Lynn Hampson recently gave birth to her son Logan, but a few days after he turned completely yellow due to a liver that was close to complete shutdown and required a donation in order to reverse the condition. Of course, being the good mother she is, Lynn donated her own liver and now the two live happily ever after!

But what about the father, Jason? Well, as luck would have it, years later he had a baby girl Alyson with Lynn, but the SAME thing happened again where Alyson needed a liver transplant days after her birth. And you guessed it – Jason pitches in and gives his liver to save his daughter’s life!

It’s amazing to see how both parents were able to be heroes within a short timespan, and save the lives of their children! Hopefully they won’t need to do any more ‘saving’ in the future!

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