WOW: This Routine Won The International Horse Freestyle Dance Competition!

Every year, there is something called the Kentucky Reining Cup in which riders and their horses show off their talents by incorporating freestyle dance and athletic talent into choreographed routines to the soundtrack of their choice. This is an international competition, which you would probably have understood by the title of “World Freestyle Reining Champion” awarded to the winner.

This year, it was 23-year-old Laura Sumrall and her horse Wimpys Top Model doing a routine to the all-too-familiar song “Let It Go” from Frozen. After being inspired by her mother to make a dance routine to that song, this Texas A&M University student got to work and crafted a routine that has gone viral. It has gotten so many views, in fact, that it is now on par with the ORIGINAL cartoon version itself. How crazy is that?!

You can get a glimpse of her entire performance before. When you see how everything is set-up, from the beginning to the very end, it’s not hard to see why the crowd was left cheering for more and why she took 1st place this year.

Somebody should contact Disney and have them sign this girl – she could be a great performance in Disney World and generate a lot of extra cash for them!

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