WOW: This Teacher Lets Students Know How Important They Are!

When you’re a student in a big school surrounded by many peers and several teachers, it can be very hard to feel like you matter to somebody out there. You do your best to study hard and get along with everybody without making your teachers angry, but sometimes you have to wonder if it all means anything. That’s why in the video below, one teacher decided to let his students know that they DO matter!

Based out of a school in El Dorado, Arizona, a teacher stands behind a camera and takes the time to let random students know that they are important to him. For example, to one student he will say  “You’re one of the reasons that I want to come to school every day”. To his surprise, the normally bleak students show smiles that they never have before. Examples like this show that being positive towards others for the greater good is NOT a dead thing!

This is a great video to show us how the words teachers use can affect the path that teenagers will take into adult. They’re not just people who stand in front of you regurgitating useless stuff – they’re people who genuinely want to see you succeed!

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