WOW: Watch These Coast Guard Elites Pull Off An Amazing Performance

I will always have deep respect and admiration for our soldiers, no matter where they are – Marine, SEAL, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard – you name it. These people undergo years of extremely hard work and strict discipline, all while sacrificing their comfort and convenience so that we can enjoy our day-to-day freedoms and never have to worry about our immediate safety.

However, in addition to the tasking work that they do for the military, these men and women are also crafting their performances for others on stage, whether it’s a band routine or something that shows their ability to handle weapons in a cold, calculated manner.

In the video below, 18 of the Coast Guard’s finest pull off a talent exhibition using their bayonet rifles and their amazing ability to manipulate and use them to their will without so much as a sweat being broken. One poor little boy was so shocked by this that he let out a scream of terror during the performance!

You might think that all of this is just for show, but this same amount of control is needed during their daily tasks, and when they are deployed to fight our enemies overseas. Anything less and you risk running the mission while putting your comrades’ lives in jeopardy.

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