You Won’t Believe How THIS Guy Wants To Spend His Powerball Winnings If He Gets Lucky!

If I was to ask you what you were going to do with your lottery winnings, assuming you got REALLY lucky, you would have your own individual idea of what you would want to spend it on, as does everybody else with their own vision of life. Maybe it’s paying off your debt, getting that nice vacation home you’ve been eyeing for years, or even paying for the college tuition of your children!

Either way, we can all admit to the fact that our odds of winning the lottery are slim to none. That said, it doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about all the cool things we could do with that money!

In the video below, a local news reporter interviews one funny-looking gentlemen about his chances at winning the lottery. First, she asks him to tell him his lucky numbers, to which he obliges. Next, she gets him to admit that his chances of winning are slim to none. At least his head isn’t in the clouds!

However, the golden part of this video comes when the reporter asks him what he would spent that money on! And when he gives his politically incorrect (yet very honest answer), the news reporter runs away and tries to have that footage cut off from the recording! Of course, due to the availability of the Internet, it’s already too late and now we get to see how ONE of us would spend millions of dollars!

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