You Won’t BELIEVE What This Mom Received From Chick-Fil-A!

It wasn’t a great day for mother-of-two Morgan Carter, as she parked her van in a Chick-Fil-A establishment in Goodlettsville. While she was taking her lunch break, she noticed that smoke was coming out of the hood of her car, following by a shocking burst in flames! Of course, nobody was affected, but this still left Morgan with no car and no way to pick up her kids or do errands!

Fortunately for her, by a huge stroke of luck, the store manager and a paster fro Cross Point Church saw the entire thing. They felt bad for the lady, and they agreed to join forces with each other to raise money that would allow them BUY her a new car, with no strings or contractual obligations!

The mother was blown away from this incredible act of kindness, and it was all in spite of the fact that neither of the gentlemen had ever known her before. She’s extremely grateful for their selfless gratitude and generosity, and hopes one day that she will be able to pay it forward for what they have done!

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