YUM: Make Your Own Santa Hat Chocolate Sundaes

I love making holiday snacks and eating them after all the hard work that I put into making them, but more than that I enjoy the time I spent with others making them and eating them. There’s just something that is indescribable about having a loved one or cherished friend beside you, because the food suddenly becomes that much tastier and you’re more likely to savour it instead of gobbling it down like a pill.

With that philosophical discussion out of the way, allow me to share you an amazing recipe for making your own Santa hat chocolate sundaes! Enjoy!


Sugar cones, red chocolate melts, peppermint ice cream, cookies, icing, and candy canes


Place the tip of a sugar cone in hot water for 20 seconds, and then in the microwave for another 20 seconds. Bend the tip of the cone to resemble the top of Santa’s hat, and dip into melted red chocolate melts once hardened. Place on parchment paper to cool in the fridge. Place a cookie on a clean plate, and scoop peppermint ice cream on top of the cookie. Put the hardened, chocolate-dipped cone on top of ice cream. Pipe the icing around the bottom edge of the hat, adding an icing pom pom on top. Finally, add candy canes for flare

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